There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. —-William Shakespeare

Exploring The Dark Corners

We Hope to Entertain and Educate you on the Paranormal With Weekly Articles on the Strange.

You’re sitting on the couch watching television. Your child, who you put to bed an hour ago, comes around the corner with tears in his eyes, “Daddy, there’s a monster in my closet.” Or you’re getting ready for bed when you hear your child crying in her room. You rush down the hall, push the door open, and ask her what’s wrong. “Mommy, there’s something under my bed.” As the parent, you assure them that there’s nothing there, you comfort them, put on your brave face and you show them that everything is fine and safe even though you have a twinge of fear yourself. Interesting that even before being exposed to television, movies, and horror stories in books, small children have a fear of the darkness and of what bumps in the night.

As long ago as 44,000 years, depicted on a cave wall in red pigments, mankind has feared the supernatural and cryptids alike. Could it all be made up? Or is it more likely that there are unearthly things that we have yet to discover or understand?

We invite you to come with us on our journey to learn more about the paranormal, alien, and even the things that sound like Science-Fiction. Explore the otherworldly in all of its many forms.

This type of paranormal, will become normal for you, with Stories and facts about the unknown.

– Trista Rispoli

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